Yearly Archive:: 2008

The Overwhelming Feeling of Frustration 0

At this moment, I wonder to myself (feeling the full onset of frustration) as to how I deal with this sentiment. How it is that I get past this sickening and crippling view that I am unable to accomplish something? It’s one of the most detested feelings that I

Balance in Moderation or Moderation in Balance 0

Tiredness and drowsiness invade all of my senses: the result of attempting to do too much in too little time. It may also be a result of living out of moderation at the moment. It demands the question, should we live moderately in balance or balance the moderation? The

Biarritz Surf 0

What is that throbbing in my ears? Oh yes, the result of spending two days being thrown around in the water at Biarritz, France attempting the first time surfing. I have the introductory phase of an ear infection, which is being graciously healed by the French medical system. The

Around the World in 6 Months 0

I’m going through the photos of my Asia trip, which has brought me to think about where I have been this year. I can definitely say that it has been the craziest and best year of my life so far, both in terms of travel opportunities and discovering of

Where my heart lies… 0

Sitting in my mom’s apartment main living room lying out on the “click clack” and looking at the Olympics Games. It’s a nice relaxation and change of pace from the past .. well 6 months of my life. South Korea was full of change daily, I never knew what

4am – Last Night in Korea 0

How ironic it is that I start my first posting on this blog being in Korea for the last night? I have been here since February 25th, 2008 exactly 4 months ago. I am terribly sad to be leaving, it has been a marvelous experience, the best of my