Yearly Archive:: 2009

Uninspired 0

Sitting in my newfound apartment at 4:00 AM, reflecting on the past events that have unfolded recently. I have left Vietnam in the end of August to meet with my brother in Thailand for several days of relaxation and sun, which was quite an experience. I landed in Bangkok,

I <3 Hanoi 0

J’adore Hanoi, I am just now realising how much my life in Hanoi suits me. I feel that I have really accomplished a goal in coming here to intern at the European Commission’s Delegation to Vietnam. It’s almost as if everyday I’m living a dream, not to sound too

Arrival in Hanoi 0

I’m writing this entry after being in Hanoi, Vietnam for a few hours (I landed not even 3 hours ago). Everything is overwhelming, the city streets jammed with traffic (the scooters especially) in a chaotic symphony of orderliness that somehow functions. I am now, at this instant, to look

Breaking the Comfort Zone 0

Writing this at 2:12AM, as I normally do on the eve of a departure – last minute cramming, my specialty :D. Anyway, I’m sitting on the last remaining piece of furniture, a bed, in what used to be a fully furnished apartment. My mom is moving back to Arizona

Eve of Taking the Next Step 0

I’m writing this as I am ‘allongé’ in my bed. It has been really a while since I have actually rested my laptop on my thighs for a writing session. There are always times for new things. It’s already February 7, in one and a half months I will

Ushering in 2009 / Crazy 2008 0

I have to first start this entry by saying that I have eaten so much tonight that I can hardly move, which is a pretty uncomfortable feeling. It’s 4:20AM on January 1st, 2009; ‘ca y est’ – it’s a new year, preceded by usually excessive drinking, and the characteristic