Another Adventure

Here I am on the eve of taking off to Los Angeles in an effort to request for a working holiday visa. I will be the first applicant for such an endeavor in this particular Korean Consulate General, which pretty much sums up the manner in which I undertake projects. This should be an interesting mix of personal, professional, and emotional development in the forthcoming months. I will be ‘stable’ in an particular area for at least a period of six months, which is quite considerable looking at my track record of agitated moving.

Who knows onto which path I will walk next, but I have a firm understanding that it’s the people who surround us and who we have in our lives that may be the most important.

I will end with the words of a fortune cookie fortune that I recently acquired and keep in my mammoth wallet:

“You will always be surrounded by true friends”

Now, time to deal with the uncertainties before me (obtaining Korean Working Holiday Visa, staying in Taiwan for a few days, and locking in this internship opportunity with Air Liquide).

화이팅 !

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