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Waking up disoriented and not entirely sure of one’s bearings is definitely not the most pleasant of sensations, but has unfortunately been the “norm” as of late. Since departing from Korea last week (something that I am literally just realizing as I write these very words) I have been on what I can best describe as a sprint from successive points without any sort of prolonged thought process. I first came to Hong Kong from Korea by airplane in order to apply for a Chinese tourist visa (I may add that my Korea visa was expiring at the time), which resulted in being more complicated than anticipated — as seems to always be the case. Following this difficult ordeal, I was able to enjoy several absolutely fantastic days in Hong Kong, everything from the hostel to the people to the energy, food, and activities were all completely magnificent. I really like that metropolis, and really do hope to be there studying and/or working one day soon. Hong Kong and the people there are a unique mix, something one would be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

Following Hong Kong and the successful reception of my China tourist visa, I took a 20+ hour train to Shanghai. It was a tiring endeavor without a doubt, as had been the trek to the friend of a friend’s place to drop off bags and almost immediately turn around to run for an interview. And just after the interview, I of course was under pretty intense pressure to take the high-speed train to Beijing within a few hours’ time. By the way, I felt like I was in a Japanese shinkansen when riding in the train…well, not quite, but almost especially in comparison to my 20 hour Shanghai train experience.

So here I am in Beijing after spending a little over a day in going through an interview and the related. I’m exhausted and really totally unsure of what happens next. I can honestly say I never would foresee myself in such a position, such is life.

I have fortunately been helped by a number of people along my journey (both in this one and past ones, and more generally in life), which is so heart warming and reassuring to see in people’s willingness to reach out and provide assistance to others, even if just remaining strangers. I try and I look forward to reciprocating this behavior to others everyday and in the future.

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