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Kinnsu Interview: Finance in Seoul 0

This interview originally appeared in Kinnsu: A Local Briefing, Business-Oriented Opinions and Insights from the Ground in April 2016. Name: Matthew A. Morgan Age: 28 Current Country: Seoul, South Korea How long you have been living here for: Around 7 years off and on since 2008. Frame of Reference: Somewhat of a third culture kid:

My Grandmother’s Eulogy 0

This is my first time delivering a eulogy to remember a beloved family member’s life. ​While I had expected to see you in a month from now grandma in a different set of circumstances for Christmas, we have all gathered here today – my sister from Paris, my brother from

Our Greatest Assets: Family & Friends 0

I’m writing this post on the eve of my departure to move in with yet another friend in a temporary arrangement as I seek to find a suitable place to live in what seems to be a recurring theme in my life (laughs). Once more, I am insurmountably helped

Blur // — 0

Waking up disoriented and not entirely sure of one’s bearings is definitely not the most pleasant of sensations, but has unfortunately been the “norm” as of late. Since departing from Korea last week (something that I am literally just realizing as I write these very words) I have been

Treading through Uncertainty 0

I need change, I crave it; I need it! Lately I have not been exposed to enough of it… therefore I think that I am meeting a sort of tolerance wall. I am finding myself in a “cage” of sorts, in terms of what I am experiencing on a

Quarter-Life Crisis 0

I remember joking about this phenomenon with a friend, although I believe that it is a very real psychological effect that occurs within this 21st century era wherein we are enabled with a multitude of choices that have never before been available to humankind: the quarter-life crisis. As lofty

“Mood Killer” – Japan’s Crisis 0

This unfolding tragedy in Japan is very much gripping me, and I find myself constantly reading the news and following the situation very closely. I have friends and colleagues who are in Japan, and my heart goes out to them, really. Perhaps I am the only one who is

Changer les Idées / Have a change of ideas 0

Finally I will be moving out of the 하숙집 where I have been living for the past ~5 months. Cumulatively, I have come to live in the area of 신촌 (Sinchon) for around 9 months now – if you were to include my time spent in Yonsei University during

ESC Toulouse Degree 0

Finally, after so many months, I have a document that proves I will graduate with my 2nd bachelor’s degree! The long hours, all of those uncertainties, and numerous hardships culminate into this document, and result in such an indescribable feeling! YES! C’est fini! 😀

New Year, Refresh 0

Writing this message after a typically tiring day in Korea: work, class, gym, late dinner. It’s a New Year that has been ushered in, full of decisions to make that will most certainly have a considerable impact on my future. I had an amazing time with my sister in