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As I am on a layover in San Francisco Airport bridging between holiday vacation with my family in Arizona, USA and returning to where I reside and work in Seoul, Korea, I couldn’t help but to tend to fleeting thoughts that happen to surface in moments of transition. The

Back 2 the Basics 0

I am writing this entry from the comfort of Seoul, Korea — freshly returned from Tokyo, Japan a few short weeks ago — “Back 2 the Basics” so to speak. This wonderful country has a way of attracting me to come back again and again, dating back from 2008

Re-Ignite / Breathe 0

This will be a relatively short post as I will be leaving for Kyoto in an hour. Simply put: the past 48 hours have been the most thrilling and most full of life that I have experienced in my 8 months of being in Japan. I feel as if

Tokyo – New Job. New Country. New Life. 0

Here I am sitting in my weekly apartment hotel for the last evening after having spent the larger part of 2 weeks here. If these weeks have been any indication of the upcoming months, then it is and will be undoubtedly one of, if not the most dynamic, challenging,

New Era: Tokyo / 도쿄 / 東京都 ! ^^ 0

Just freshly back from a weeklong voyage through Singapore and Malaysia, which was a very nice and relaxing break. I spent time with great friends who I hadn’t seen in a long while. Anyhow, now I will say that I suddenly find myself in the midst of a drastic

Another Adventure 0

Here I am on the eve of taking off to Los Angeles in an effort to request for a working holiday visa. I will be the first applicant for such an endeavor in this particular Korean Consulate General, which pretty much sums up the manner in which I undertake

I <3 Hanoi 0

J’adore Hanoi, I am just now realising how much my life in Hanoi suits me. I feel that I have really accomplished a goal in coming here to intern at the European Commission’s Delegation to Vietnam. It’s almost as if everyday I’m living a dream, not to sound too

Arrival in Hanoi 0

I’m writing this entry after being in Hanoi, Vietnam for a few hours (I landed not even 3 hours ago). Everything is overwhelming, the city streets jammed with traffic (the scooters especially) in a chaotic symphony of orderliness that somehow functions. I am now, at this instant, to look

Ushering in 2009 / Crazy 2008 0

I have to first start this entry by saying that I have eaten so much tonight that I can hardly move, which is a pretty uncomfortable feeling. It’s 4:20AM on January 1st, 2009; ‘ca y est’ – it’s a new year, preceded by usually excessive drinking, and the characteristic

Around the World in 6 Months 0

I’m going through the photos of my Asia trip, which has brought me to think about where I have been this year. I can definitely say that it has been the craziest and best year of my life so far, both in terms of travel opportunities and discovering of