I <3 Hanoi

J’adore Hanoi, I am just now realising how much my life in Hanoi suits me. I feel that I have really accomplished a goal in coming here to intern at the European Commission’s Delegation to Vietnam. It’s almost as if everyday I’m living a dream, not to sound too cliché or anything.

Granted, there are always difficulties when we live in a country where we do not speak the language, where we experience prejudices against us (that are sometimes diffused thanks to direspectful tourists), but we put those negative points aside and concentrate on the good points. I’m feeling more and more at home here, although in a few short weeks I will be on the move again to return to school and finish my final year. This whole experience is overwhelming, it will take at least a month or so to veritably take stock of what I have lived during the past 18 months.

La vie est belle : live,love,laugh,matter


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