Re-Ignite / Breathe

This will be a relatively short post as I will be leaving for Kyoto in an hour.

Simply put: the past 48 hours have been the most thrilling and most full of life that I have experienced in my 8 months of being in Japan.

I feel as if I have come back from being plunged under water, able to breath and live again!

It’s similar to the sensation of slowly entering a bath of warm water.

I am simply back to acting as myself after being out of touch / disconnected from my own self for sake of appearances.

So here I am embarking on another adventure – Kyoto and Osaka in Japan. I will be homeless in about a week’s time and quite unsure as to my exact next step, but doing all of this with a very large grin on my face.

Life is about passion and leading the life that makes you happy.



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