Treading through Uncertainty

I need change, I crave it; I need it! Lately I have not been exposed to enough of it… therefore I think that I am meeting a sort of tolerance wall. I am finding myself in a “cage” of sorts, in terms of what I am experiencing on a scale of variety. I am a human being who craves the social interaction with others; but also I need to challenge myself and feel like I am progressing.  Lately, the latter has been lacking, although the former has been plentiful. The issue is majorly found in the fact that I am in the midst of searching for a new position somewhere, with a plethora of good contacts, although an inability to tap into this “potential” for professional life.

My immediate goal is to do the most I can! It will be daunting and surely push me out of my comfort zone. Certainly I ask myself repeatedly why I am in the country frequently, although overall I am very happy here. But I need to advance in my life, so here it goes !!! …


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