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Navigating Through Life – My Perspective 0

We go about our lives with the concurrent backdrop of the passing of time that forces upon change onto everything and everyone, despite our conditioned human perception that may lead us to believe in the contrary. Change is the only constant, and how we manage through different stages of

Step in the Right Direction & Words of Wisdom 0

Writing this post from Tokyo, Japan as I am here to process my short-term working visa for Korea (termed “C-4”). As usual, it was a veritable challenge to carry out the entire procedure — locating the right Consulate/Embassy where to apply (it is worth mentioning that there are different documents

Blur // — 0

Waking up disoriented and not entirely sure of one’s bearings is definitely not the most pleasant of sensations, but has unfortunately been the “norm” as of late. Since departing from Korea last week (something that I am literally just realizing as I write these very words) I have been

Back 2 the Basics 0

I am writing this entry from the comfort of Seoul, Korea — freshly returned from Tokyo, Japan a few short weeks ago — “Back 2 the Basics” so to speak. This wonderful country has a way of attracting me to come back again and again, dating back from 2008

Re-Ignite / Breathe 0

This will be a relatively short post as I will be leaving for Kyoto in an hour. Simply put: the past 48 hours have been the most thrilling and most full of life that I have experienced in my 8 months of being in Japan. I feel as if

Inspired. 0

Well this has certainly been long overdue. The delay is a tangible testament to the lifestyle that I have been leading over the past 6 months or so in Tokyo. A very succinct way of describing this whole experience is in the following: Today is one of the first