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Generating Enthusiasm and Embracing the Bronze Medalist Mentality 0

  Genuinely realize that today is not guaranteed, that nothing is deserved so to speak. One must work and fight for everything. Earn it. To think otherwise is illusory. If the world were strictly based on meritocracy, fairness, and magnitude of effort put forth then all of those in

Creating Sustainable Value 0

  “We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.” – Chuck Palahniuk (prolific American writer) This phrase “creating value” or iterations of it (“value added,””valued service”) is a corporate platitude that is tossed around like many other ambiguities in the office setting

Self-Responsibility and Resilience 0

  After a several month hiatus owing to my somewhat hectic lifestyle in Korea and demanding work schedule, as well as a temporary lull in website service (I changed hosting provider — hopefully for the better), I have returned to write. While I am at work, I’m essentially able/free

Simplifying Life & Easing Complexity 0

Many of us (myself included) implicitly and explicitly place barriers throughout our lives that often serve to unnecessarily complicate matters. As a result we risk increasing stress, disappointment, or regret to a greater scale than if we were to open ourselves to embracing new modes of thinking. In communication we

Humility and Empowerment 0

Life is not about being jealous of others’ success* nor is it about feeling superior to others due to race, ethnicity, gender, class, religion, language, or whatever other factor in which we may categorize others. Life is rather about helping those around us realize their potential, endeavoring to remain

Our Greatest Assets: Family & Friends 0

I’m writing this post on the eve of my departure to move in with yet another friend in a temporary arrangement as I seek to find a suitable place to live in what seems to be a recurring theme in my life (laughs). Once more, I am insurmountably helped

Laughter and Why People Matter 0

In the last moments of your life, are you going to remember the times such as when you were stressed after your clothing was stained, when you broke/lost your phone, when you were worried about someone’s thoughts about you?* Or are these quite insignificant details that will be dispensed

Following Through or Falling Through? 0

Not following through with commitments/promises permeates into all domains of one’s life. While it is very true that there is increasing pressure for an “always connected” availability brought forth by the 24/7 nature of our globalized, technologically-driven world that defines the 21st century that we live in (I am

Overcoming Rejection and Daring to Try 0

I, like many, was (and to an extent still am) afraid of being rejected in an array of situations — dating, academia, applying for jobs, etc. I live in Seoul, South Korea and indeed view it as a personal and professional training ground. Professional because of how long and

Enlarge Your Circle of Influence & Enable Others and Yourself 0

One of my favorite hobbies and what offers me the most happiness and joy is meeting new people, coordinating connections/introductions between people, and generally helping others with the wherewithal that I presently dispose. If one were to see that there is a demand/opportunity somewhere, and the supply/resource (in this