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Laughter and Why People Matter 0

In the last moments of your life, are you going to remember the times such as when you were stressed after your clothing was stained, when you broke/lost your phone, when you were worried about someone’s thoughts about you?* Or are these quite insignificant details that will be dispensed

Following Through or Falling Through? 0

Not following through with commitments/promises permeates into all domains of one’s life. While it is very true that there is increasing pressure for an “always connected” availability brought forth by the 24/7 nature of our globalized, technologically-driven world that defines the 21st century that we live in (I am

Overcoming Rejection and Daring to Try 0

I, like many, was (and to an extent still am) afraid of being rejected in an array of situations — dating, academia, applying for jobs, etc. I live in Seoul, South Korea and indeed view it as a personal and professional training ground. Professional because of how long and

Enlarge Your Circle of Influence & Enable Others and Yourself 0

One of my favorite hobbies and what offers me the most happiness and joy is meeting new people, coordinating connections/introductions between people, and generally helping others with the wherewithal that I presently dispose. If one were to see that there is a demand/opportunity somewhere, and the supply/resource (in this

Choice and Lifestyle 0

As I am on a layover in San Francisco Airport bridging between holiday vacation with my family in Arizona, USA and returning to where I reside and work in Seoul, Korea, I couldn’t help but to tend to fleeting thoughts that happen to surface in moments of transition. The